Hints and Tips – Home set up

Identifying Hazards in the home

  1. Remove loose rugs, as they are a tripping hazard
  2. Make sure the stair carpet is securely fixed
  3. Remove any clutter from the walk ways and stair areas throughout the home
  4. Make sure that lighting is adequate, consider installing long life light bulbs to avoid future problems
  5. Look at the layout of the furniture in the house, re arrange where it makes it easier to manouvere
  6. If you do not have storage next to the seat the person favours – install some – it is best to have easy to reach things like newspapers and knitting rather than putting them on the floor – it can be too hard to bend that far.
  7. Place electrical items near the power points to avoid long cords – these are tripping hazards

What you can do to improve facilities in the home

  1. Install hand rails in the bathroom areas
  2. Install hand rails along the walkways throughout the home if stability is an issue.
  3. Consider using over toilet aids and shower stools to assist with everyday cleansing – this will increase independancy for the user
  4. When wearing footwear ensure it is sensible and fits well
  5. Where needed use mobility aids to assist in manouvering about the home
  6. Look at stair lifts – they may make climbing the stairs less of a chore.
  7. Install LIfts Chairs so getting up from sitting position is not so hard


The bathroom area of the home can be a hazard in itself, these are some of the things that can happen

  1. Water spills – create a slippiing hazard
  2. Steamy environment can make the patient dizzy

If a fall occurs in the bathroom – the person could be blocking the doorway – which means that help cannot access the person easily

Some other good solutions are:

  1. Hand Rails and Shower Seats will help with the stability and balance problems
  2. Installing a reverse swing door will assist with any potential falling occurances
  3. Remove the lock so that the door can never be locked – which locks any potential help out.

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