1. Length of Hire: The hire period commences on the date goods are delivered and ends either when Adiacare is notified of completion, cancellation or on return of the equipment to us.

2. Extension of Hire: A hire period may be extended. Any such extension will be on the same terms as set out herein. Aidacare reserves the right not to extend a hire period.

3. Repairs: All rental Equipment repairs are to be undertaken by Moreton Medical Equipment staff only.

4. Care & Responsibility: The Hirer shall take proper care (reasonable wear and tear accepted) of the equipment.

5. Inspection of Equipment on Return:
(a) Hired equipment is supplied free of defect and in good condition.
(b) Hire equipment will be inspected upon its return.
(c) The Hirer is responsible for the cost of rectifying any damage to hired equipment that falls outside of ‘normal wear and tear’ in the process of use. The cost of such rectification to hired equipment will be the lesser of either the repair cost or replacement cost of such equipment, regardless of the age of the damaged equipment at the time. Moreton Medical Equipment retains the right to recover such costs from the Hirer.
(d) Any charges by Moreton Medical Equipment will be payable by the Hirer on reciept of a valid tax invoice from Moreton Medical Equipment.

6. Deposits: 
(a) Where a deposit has been taken, Moreton Medical Equipment reserves the right, acting reasonably, to retain the deposit towards the cost contribution of any rectification or replacement of equipment.
(b) Where relevant, a minimum of two weeks rental in advance is held as the deposit.

7. Refunds: Any refunds may only be processed via EFT direct to an account or credit card.

8. Test & Tag of Electrical Equipment: Hired equipment with electrical components will have the necessary test and tag certification prior to commencement of the Hire.

9. Title: The Hirer shall not sell, transfer, assign, mortgage, pledge, sub-let, lend or otherwise deal with the Equipment without the prior written consent of Moreton Medical Equipment.

10. Lost equipment: If the hired equipment is lost or stolen then Moreton Medical Equipment will charge the Hirer the replacement value of the hired item or nearest like item. Replacement value shall be reasonably determined by Moreton Medical Equipment.

11. Indemnity: The Hirer shall indemnify Moreton Medical Equipment (not hold Moreton Medical Equipment liable) against any loss or damage which may arise in respect of the equipment or its use by the Hirer or any other person whilst the equipment is the responsibility of the hirer.

12. Moreton Medical Equipment Warranty: The Hirer has the benefit of conditions and warranties and other rights implied by law, which cannot be excluded by agreement. Nothing in this agreement shall be taken to limit in any way the benefit of those conditions, warranties and rights.

13. Hirer Authority: The Hirer warrants that he/she is authorised to make this agreement on behalf of all persons who possess, use or operate the Equipment during the period until the Equipment is returned.

14. Purchase of Hired Items: Items may be available for purchase. If a purchase is requested on a hired item and Moreton Medical Equipment approves the sale, the purchase price shall be the greater of:
(a) The RRP less 50% of what has been paid in rental fees; or
(b) 50% of the RRP of the item.