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Aspire Active Air 5 Alternating Mattress

The Active Air 5 provides an effective solution for higher weight users considered to be “At Risk” of Pressure Injury. Featuring AUTO DETECT and INTELLIGENT STATIC MODE which provide lower interface pressure and enhanced comfort, the Active Air 5 is suitable for use in a wide range of care settings from Home Care and Acute to Long Term care.

Aspire Active Air 8 Alternating Mattress

The Active Air 8 is a dynamic mattress replacement suitable for users at “High Risk” of Pressure Injury. Featuring AUTODETECT, and AUTOPROTECT, together with CELL-IN-CELL technology, the Active Air 8 provides the highest levels of care into Acute and Long Term care environments. The Active Air 8’s innovative features ensure lowest interface pressures with an easy-to-use digital pump

Aspire Active Air Acute 8 Alternating Mattress

The Active Air Acute 8 is specifically designed to meet the demands of Critical Care environments, maximising patient comfort and therapeutic outcomes.

Softform Premier Active 2 Air Alternating Mattress & Pump

The Softform Premier is widely recognised among healthcare professionals as a leading pressure reducing static mattress. The introduction of the Active2 system takes this a stage further, offering the option of an alternating surface on which to nurse patients. The unique design of the Softform Premier Active 2 features an alternating air insert beneath the castellated foam insert of the Softform Premier mattress. The mattress retains its properties as a high risk static mattress, but should clinical judgement determine that the patient requires stepping up to a dynamic surface, then a discreet pump can be fitted to the air insert, transforming the mattress into an alternating surface delivering additional levels of pressure relief. There is no requirement to move the patient, thereby minimising any discomfort. The pump will assess individual patients weights, and adjust levels of inflation accordingly. The air cells alternate on a ten minute cycle beneath the foam insert, delivering a very low impact at the point of change, thereby delivering high levels of comfort in addition to improved pressure reduction.

Zephair | Very High Risk

The ZEPHAIR Mattress range provides true leadership in powered patient pressure care. Tried and trusted in facilities from ICU Wards to Palliative Hospice use, this pressure care system will provide the answer to all acute care needs, whilst providing unparalleled comfort and staff Primary Care compliance.

Ultimate 25

  • The Ultimate range of pressure relieving mattresses at Moreton Medical Equipment.
  • The 25 is a lightweight and portable system designed for treatment and prevention of pressure sores for low risk patients.
  • Mattress overlay folds under the end of any standard single bed mattress. Includes a repair kit for most patching repairs.

Repose Mattress Overlay and Pump

  • Repose products provide effective pressure redistribution for all people at risk of developing pressure injuries, including those assessed to be at very high risk.
  • Repose Product Range is an effective aid in the prevention and treatment of Pressure Injuries.
  • Repose single air cell design and multidirectional stretch material compensate

Aspire Lifecomfort Hybrid Acute Mattress

Key Features Self Adjusting Pressure Redistribution – In non-powered mode, nine interconnected foam filled cells allow air to move freely

Easy Air XL Alternating Pressure Mattress

  • The Easy Air alternating pressure mattress overlay protects patients from decubitus ulcers, tissue trauma and nerve damage making this system invaluable for persons confined to bed for long periods of time.
  • This unit includes a full zip waterproof cover for easy cleaning.
  • Easy air also has the static function, whichmeans the bed remains still for sitting, changing and transfers.