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SleepAway Travel Pillow

Premium-grade traditional foam will give good support and superb comfort. Will suit those who use a traditional foam pillow rather than a memory foam when at home. Regarded by many health professionals world wide as the benchmark for achieving the ideal 'marriage' of comfort and good sleep posture in a travel product.

Traveller’s Pillow – Neck Support Cushion

  • It Breathes ... No Sweat! - Superior Neck Support Pillow.
  • Great for dozing in chairs, car or plane. Soft yet supportive polyester fibre filling. Open-weave 'breathing' cover. Doesn't sweat (unlike inflatables)! Adjustable, compact, washable.
  • The neck support pillow that is ideal for adults and children and gives you comfort with support.

Travel Nut – Travel Support Pillow

The Perfect Travelling Companion! The travel nut is the perfect travelling companion for adults and children alike. Its comfy shape containing a compressed polyfill innner will give great support on any journey or for simply using around the home.