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  • Powered lift armchair assists the user in sitting and standing transfers
  • Quiet and smooth lift system with infinite rise and recline positions for ultimate comfort
  • Seat depth is adjustable by 50mm, Petite chairs are set at 460mm standard and Large Chairs are set at 510mm however can be adjusted as needed to suit user


The Air Comfort Deluxe V2 is the market leader in pressure care seating. With unparalleled pressure redistribution and adjustable positioning, the Air Comfort Deluxe V2 offers ease of handling for carers and maximum comfort for patients.


  • Ergonomic Attendant Grip Handles. Control levers for tilt & recline, push handle for attendant use
  • Swing Away Backrest Wings & Armrests. Allows for easy patient side transfers\
  • Adjustable Foam Matrix. Matrix of collapsible air flow chambers promote skin micro climate management and evenly redistribute pressure. Adjustable outer chambers and solid perimeter structure improve overall midline sitting. Movable foam cores allow backrest to be customized for individual postural needs


  • The Aspire Shell Chair is a comfortable mobile seating solution designed to maximise user access and social interaction within an Aged Care Facility or Healthcare environment
  • The compact design allows access under tables for sharing meals, games and other activities. The lightweight frame with anterior tilt function for sit to stand transfers reduces the manual handling burden for caregivers
  • Forward tilt functionality assists with chair egress and standing transfers
  • Backwards tilt functionality assists in pressure redistribution and patient stability during transfers
  • Comfort & Support - Ergonomic wing headrest and lumbar cushioning for improved seating posture

Aspire Air Lift Chair

  • Powered armchair assists the user in sitting and standing
  • Air system provides comfort and pressure relief in seat and footrest
  • Medical grade Dartex upholstery - Anti-microbial & 3 way stretch