Tips for looking after your back

Its important to look after your back, here are a few ways you can help to avoid back pain.

  1. Make sure you rotate between sitting and standing positions
  2. Exercise gently regularly
  3. Support your lower back whilst driving or in the seated position
  4. Losing weight will reduce the load on your spine and back muscles
  5. Reduce stiffness and increase your mobility by stretching properly
  6. Try not to slouch; bad posture is detrimental to your back
  7. Bend your knees when lifting – and be careful not to lift to heavy a weight
  8. Throughout the day do gentle & frequent stretches, this will reduce the strain on your back
  9. Even when your back hurts – try to keep moving
  10. Look at your bed and pillow – and decide if they give your back and neck the support they require.